Read. Return. Repeat.

My Very Own Books Box

As soon as I heard about Little Free Libraries, I knew I wanted to make my own.
What a great idea!  A public library, right on your own street, that’s always open, and always free.  It nurtures a sort of social reading network, where you get to meet the books that live in your neighborhood, and the people who read them.

One of the More Upscale Models Around Town

My little Books Box started when we moved to our new apartment in South Park, San Diego.
After we moved in, we had boxes of books I needed to unpack.  Books I loved, but knew I would never read again.  So out they went.  I put them in a cardboard box near the curb that said “free books”.

Over the next few days, I delighted in hearing people rifle through the box and carry off one of my old, well read books.  And then they were all gone.
We went for a walk around our neighbohrood one afternoon, and we came across a Little Free Library. It was painted the same color as the house it stood in front of.  And it was filled with a fantastic bouquet of books!

I chose a book and we went back home.  Over the next few days I found more books around my house that I didn’t want to read, including the one I had grabbed from my neighbor’s library!

I decided I would have to build my own.  I started with an old wooden crate.

I painted it to look pretty and I put it on the fence outside with some books in it. On the top, it says: Books Box. Read. Return. Repeat.
Already, the Books Box has been a real success. We live on a street with high foot traffic, so we are always finding new books in there.  It’s like having a bookstore right in front of our house!  I find myself reading more so I can finish a book and return it to the library for someone else.  I even put some old CDs and magazines in there.

My Finished Books Box and its First Inhabitants

Through an open window, I hear people commenting on a daily basis.

Oh, how cool!
Hey! It’s one of those free libraries!
They have these all around town!

I smile and pick up my latest Books Box find.
Read. Return. Repeat.

What Say You?