Little Free Libraries are Antennae for the Soul

The Magical Mystery Books Box

Something strange is going on and I love it.
Remember that Books Box I built outside my house?
Well, I am now convinced that it has magical powers.

I built a free library in front of my house for people to give and take books. I never could have imagined what resulted from this one small act of neighborly love.

It seems that by building the Books Box, I have inadvertently constructed an antenna which picks up signals from another dimension, and I am now tapped in to the power of the law of attraction and all the universe has to offer.

Let me try to explain.

The idea of a little free library is simple. Construct a shelter, fill it with your old books that you no longer want to hang on to, and offer them to others, no strings attached. Your books quickly find themselves with new owners, and new old books arrive to take their place. Read. Return. Repeat.

People walk buy and I hear them get excited to take a peek at what’s new, or old. There could be a copy of the latest best-selling paperback, a vintage dictionary, or even a random children’s book that you haven’t seen since you were a kid. Every day, something new shows up in there, and I found myself looking forward to coming home each day and checking the Books box for the latest good read.

And then I started to notice a trend. All of a sudden, a book will appear in the Books Box that was meant for me and me alone to read.

For example, What to Expect When You’re Expecting showed up, which every mom knows is pretty much the Bible of all baby books. Let’s just say I was not “expecting” that book to appear, yet it did, exactly 3 months into my pregnancy. I chalked up the coincidence to the fact that I live in a hip young neighborhood that is experiencing somewhat of a baby boom in recent years. Even the local bars here have play areas for kids. No joke.

Shortly after that happened, my mom retired and moved from Highland Park, New Jersey down to St. Augustine, Florida. I’ve never been there and have yet to visit her, but she likes her town and is settling in nicely. A few weeks after her move, I notice a book in the Box titled St.Augustine. 
I grab it thinking it’s a travel guide for the area, only to find out that it was a book on the actual St. Augustine monk who philosophized on the meaning of free will and determination, a topic that I was currently investigating. I had never heard of St. Augustine or his work before, and I would never have noticed that book if my mom hadn’t just moved there.

A third coincidence happened recently, and was so far out that it inspired me to write about my Books box experience in an effort to understand exactly what wacky power is at work here. Because this is getting weird.

I was considering going back to school for a Master’s Degree, and upon looking into the program, learned that I would have to retake my GRE. I groaned upon hearing this news. Having already taken the GRE 7 years ago, I know that it is a difficult test to do well on, and a pain in the ass to prepare for.
It pretty much put the brakes on my dreams of grad school, until the very next day, when a book arrived in the good ole’ box. What was it?

A study guide for the new edition of, you may have guessed it… the GRE.

Ok. So, I know some of us would think, well, its not coincidence, lots of people are getting grad degrees these days, you’re just noticing because you’ve been thinking about it, etc..

But come on, the very next day? What are the chances?

My only question now is whether I trust the power enough to actually act on it, basing my life choices on what book shows up next. It sounds kind of borderline to be taking advice from a box!

I instinctively feel that I should “go with the flow” and take the GRE. Go to St. Augustine. Read that baby manual.

So how does it work?
My husband has had a similar experience with what he called a “goodies table” at his marina, where live-aboard residents could drop off stuff they no longer needed, and take what items they could use.
He said that the things he needed would often show up at the perfect moment, as if by magic.

So there’s something about the “free-ness” of giving away stuff and having the right stuff come back.
Could we build more karmic zones like this to activate universal chi? Could it work for anyone?
Can we prove it works?
These are my questions.
Perhaps the book that holds the answers is already on its way.

What Say You?