About the Mess


My name is Elsa Hedrick, and my house is a mess.

I'm a working mom who teaches ESL by day. At night, you can find me writing coffee and drinking articles as a freelance copyeditor. On weekends, I enjoy crocheting, working in the garden, finding and restoring furniture, attacking diy projects, and cooking delicious meals for my family. I love working with my hands, whether it's with yarn, paint, soil, wood, fabric, or food.

Yes, I make more messes than my toddler. But my finished products are usually worth all the chaos and commotion. My life is a work in progress. So enjoy my recipes, crafts, and art, but please, nevermind the mess.

A Messy Dedication

I often find myself completely consumed by my crafts. I can't be bothered with mopping or ironing, because the artist is working on her masterpiece. So, I've got to give a whole lotta' credit to my wonderful husband, Steve–the man who makes it possible for me to be my own woman. He makes my life worth living and my projects worth doing. He is my inspiration and my closest companion. And most importantly, he moves mountains of messes for me! He is a lean, mean, cleaning machine who clears the way for creativity, so this blog is dedicated to him.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I love writing.

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